Tarbosaurus (Quartz) タルボサウルス (石英)


“Wanna become an actress? Rather become actometatarsus!”

Tarbosaurus bataar (Late Cretaceous, Asia) is one of the largest Tyrannosaurids known from Mongolia and China. Their neat adaptation is not only the massive skull but also the slender modified feet bone, actometatarsus (the upper end of third metatarsal is squeezed by the 2nd and 4th metatarsals!)

The background is a thin section of quartz under microscope (cross polarized light = XPL). A thin section is a slice of a mineral or rock (well could be anything though) that is 30μm thick. This method is used to investigate their optical properties under microscope. You can see what minerals are present in a sample because reflecting patterns or intensity that you can observe are very specific to each mineral. It’s truly amazing that quartz reflects rainbow under microscope even though its hand specimen is colourless!!



Original picture of quartz thin section / 薄片石英の元画像



Sticker ステッカー

size; 7cm (3.35 inch) x 5cm (1.97 inch)

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